Yuri Manga and Anime Fanlisting

Yuri Anime Last week we had a poster, this week we have a bit of news. Takashima Hiromi’s Asagao to Kase-san is getting a short “Animation clip”. Check out the official website, Asagao-Anime for more news on that. Pony Canyon released a promotional video of the effort this week. Also from the website, the  Kase-san manga […]

Yuri Anime? This week was the “Yuriten” event was held in Tokyo. The event began life as a “Anoko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo” homage event and has become a kind of Yuri manga festival. This year, fans in took notice of a Kase-san series poster which notably listed a director and an art director. […]

Live-Action News The BBC and HBO are  working on a drama called Shibden Hall, about Anne Lister, the “first lesbian.” The Hollywood Reporter  describes the story thusly, “ Set in West Yorkshire in 1832, Shibden Hall is the story of landowner Anne Lister. Returning after years of exotic travel and social climbing, she determines to transform the […]

LGBTQ Manga Event Don’t miss the Rainbow Manga Talk at Hunter College, in NYC on Friday, March 10th! Registration is free. It should be loads of fun, so do join myself and Anne Ishii for the talk.   *** Subscribe to Okazu with Patreon. Help us pay our Guest Writers! *** LGBTQ Cartoon News Did […]

A quick data dump today. I’m out partaking of some local history before the entire National Park Service ends up being closed, now that they are part of the resistance. (Go check out their page right now as they celebrate Black history month.) Yuri Events You are invited to join me and publisher Anne Ishii at […]

Yuri Manga Yet another new Yuri manga from Takemiya Jin is on the way. Fujourina Atashi-tachi  (不条理なあたし達) will hit shelves at the end of March. Yahoo!  Kurogane Kenn’s Teacher-student romance Hoshikawa Ginza Yon-choume (星川銀座四丁目 上), from Hirari magazine is getting a new edition. The first volume will be available at the beginning of March.  *** […]

Wow, it’s Saturday already! What a week. What a month! Geez, it’s going to be a crazy year. ^_^ Tons of news this week as I catch up on a backlog!   Yuri Manga Saborouta’s Citrus has made it to Volume 5 in English and Volume 6 in Japanese. Volume 4 of 2DK, GPen, Mezamashitokei (2DK、Gペン、目覚まし時計。) is […]

Yuri Manga Very exciting news out of Brazil! YNN Correspondent Pâmela P. wants everyone to know that Newpop publisher has announced that Philosophia by Amano Shuninta and Sunset Orange Lips by Rokuroichi will be released in Brazil (link in Portugese).  She says, “I am very happy because its the first time Yuri-centred manga will come to Brazil” […]

Sailor Moon News The fourth season of Sailor Moon Crystal has been announced, according to Rocket24News, as part of the official 25th anniversary of the series.  At this point, we have to just assume that they’ll be completing the series. Then they’ll have to figure out something new for the 30th Anniversary.  Here’s a piece […]

Yuri Manga ANN has the report that a banner at a sumo tournament has announced the 13th Volume of Rose of Versailles (ベルサイユのばら,), which will be out at the end of this month in Japan. Check out the article for images and a discussion of sumo banners. ^_^ Seven Seas has another pile of licensing […]