Yuri Manga and Anime Fanlisting

My First Lady (マイ・ファーストレディ) is a short story collection by Takemiya Jin of stories that ran in Comic Yuri Hime magazine. The single unifying factor is that, in each story, under unique circumstances, a girl realizes that she has feelings for another girl. The stories themselves differ mostly by outcome. In the cover story, the girl […]

Are you the kind of person who saves the best for last or who goes for the good stuff first? ^_^ When there’s a new shipment of manga in from Japan, I waffle back and forth. Half of me wants to binge read all the best manga right away and half wants to hold it […]

I started these lists because I’m very bad at recommendations, and while that has not changed, I do think it’s worth taking the time out every year to note the stories that surprised and pleased me over the course of year. If you have also enjoyed any of these in scanlation, please buy the original, […]

Takemiya Jin has been a Yuri demon, putting out a couple of strong volumes a year, working for multiple publishers and generally churning out Yuri that is not only pleasant to read, but also inclusive of lesbian culture and experience. It’s a hell of a benchmark to keep hitting over and over So, when I […]

The girl/guy next door, the childhood friend who has always been there for you, who can always read your mood, and knows just what to say; it’s a well-worn trope in every subset of romance. It’s equally as common to show the protagonist unable to return the favor, unseeing when their friend has deeper feelings […]

At last, I had a chance to sit down a read the climax of Takemiya Jin’s Omoi no Kakera (想いの欠片) series. As you may remember, Volume 1 introduced us to young lesbian Mika, her classmate Harada who is gay,  and his younger sister, Mayu, who falls for Mika. In Volume 2, Mika and Mayu become closer as […]

I’ve been saving this review for a really good day. The weather today is perfect. We took a long walk today, enjoyied fresh vegetables from local farms for our meals and it seemed awfully like today was pretty perfect. And so, it seems the right time to review game by Takemiya Jin-sensei, a lovely collection of her stories from […]

One of the three titles I chose for 2011′s Top Yuri Manga was Omoi no Kakera, Volume 1 by Takemiya Jin.  Specifically, I very much enjoyed our introduction to Mika, a confident, self-aware young lesbian. In Omoi no Kakera, Volume 2, Mika’s relationship with underclassman Mayu develops significantly. Where in Volume 1, Mayu begins with distate […]

A-chan and Riyoko are neighbors, Riyoko has always had a crush on A-chan, from the time she was a small girl. Now, as a high school student, her feelings are much more than a mere crush. But what about A-chan? How does she feel? Well..she feels the same, but she’s a teacher in Riyoko’s school […]

日本語で I’ve been fangirling over Takemiya-sensei’s work for years. I first began reading her doujinshi,, and rejoiced when she made the leap into the professional sphere. You can find her work currently running in Comic Yuri Hime and in my favorite manga magazine, Rakuen Le Paradis. I declared three of her books the Top Yuri […]