Yuri Manga and Anime Fanlisting

Citrus (Saburouta)Flag Time (Sato)

She’s so cute and angry :PLOL

Hanai is in the same school as Hoshino, the girl who beat her in a table tennis match in junior high (her first defeat that caused her to lose confidence and quit playing).  Hoshino always had a crush on Hanai Pondering over the kiss. “I like you, Hanai-san.” One more game…

While trying to get out of the rain, a girl runs into an old classmate who she thinks hates her. Cute oneshot by Morinaga Milk.  …LOL

Beautiful oneshot by Yoshidamaru Yuu from Hirari, Bessatsu: Bukatsu Joshi Anthology – Houkago! (anthology) 

A girls’ basketball team manager has to put up with an angry senpai. Cute! Oneshot by Kumichou from Hirari, Bessatsu: Bukatsu Joshi Anthology – Houkago! (anthology).

Cute oneshot by Hakamada Mera

SexySweet :3…

Ayame (short hair) turns me on :3 and… Shinobu forcing a vibrator inside Maya.. and This shocked me. Assault and forced sex~ Squirting on face :O There’s more that I won’t post- not to mention the Shinobu-Kirin-Maya threesome and a promiscuous happy ending!~

This perverted couple makes me happy ^-^ They’re adorable! They fight a lot, which is cuuute! The happy part~ This caught me by surprise. She looks beautiful with her hair down. :3 Cute~ *love*