Yuri Manga and Anime Fanlisting

Today’s review begins with my very heartfelt gratitude to Okazu Superhero Ivan L. Upon reading in an earlier review that my computer had crashed and taken my Blu-ray player with it, Ivan generously donated one to Okazu. And so, because of Ivan’s kindness, I am able to report on Sailor Moon S, Part 1, Disk 3 on BD. […]

Disk 2 of Sailor Moon S, Part 1 is a large part of what arguably makes this series so compelling. It is on this disk we do something that changes the series completely…we spend time with the Senshi. We’ve met the Professor and Kaolinite and we understand that they  – and Uranus and Neptune – […]

Before I finish my whimsical look at the things that best expressed “Yuri” for me for the year, I just want to thank you all once again. 2016 was one of the best years of my life. I was able to travel a lot and meet even more of you than ever before. I was […]

When I say that I could not have written this list without you, my dear readers, I am not being hyperbolic in the slightest. If it hadn’t been for your guest posts and suggestions on Twitter, this list would have been three series – and two of them would have been Sailor Moon. ^_^ So, […]

In 1994, Sailor Moon S debuted on Japanese TV and, for many people, it was a life-changing series. When I first saw it, in 1998 or so, it was definitely a life-changing series for me. ^_^ Yesterday, my wife and sat down almost 20 years later to watch Viz Media’s newly remastered edition of Sailor Moon […]

As most fans of Sailor Moon know, Usagi was not Takeuchi Naoko’s first super-powered schoolgirl. That honor belongs to Aino Minako, who made her debut in Nakayoshi magazine as Sailor Venus, Codename: Sailor V, before Sailor Moon. And, now that Sailor Moon was given complete, new, “perfect”  editions, it seems only fair that her predecessor get her […]

Last spring I was amazingly lucky and while in Tokyo for Rainbow Pride, I was also able to catch the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary exhibit in Roppongi. Of course many of the coolest items, you couldn’t take pictures of – especially the original art from some of the series’ art books. That was my favorite part […]

Tonight Viz Media is having a Moonlight Party, featuring Sailor Moon S clips with the new dub, trivia and more.  I don’t know about you, but I have never needed Sailor Moon more than I do right now, so please join me and other Sailor Moon fans on the official Viz Media YouTube channel. I’m […]

Viz Media held a special Sailor Moon panel yesterday at Anime Expo, where they announced the cast, timing and extras for the first part of the Sailor Moon S video release, ANN has all the details, as you might expect. S was slightly delayed because, after complaints about the visuals and sound in earlier sets, Viz […]

It’s not business as usual around here on Okazu for me to review a soundtrack CD, so you have to know something’s special if I do. ^_^ The Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 CD/DVD is special. ^_^ In USA terms, this CD would be an enhanced single, with 4 tracks: “New Moon ni Koi Shite,” the Sailor […]