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Rose of Versailles, Volume 12 (ベルサイユのばら), is composed of two stories. One following the hapless Florian F Girodel (no one knows what the ‘F’ stand for,) as he watches, but does not participate fully, in Versailles life – and while Oscar pretty much robs him of everything he desires, without even trying. She’s got his […]

When I was in Japan last, you may remember I had a chance to see the anniversary event for Margaret magazine. One of the best-known titles that has ever run in Margaret magazine is Rose of Versailles (ベルサイユのばら) by Riyoko Ikeda.  Ikeda-sensei was asked to write something about her masterpiece for the event and, as she says […]

Rose of Versailles, Part 2 continues to be pointedly relevant and prescient right to the very last disk. On the eve of the French Revolution, Oscar and Andre’ finally break past the barriers that have been keeping them apart. They “become husband and wife” as the series delicately puts it, while showing us an artistic […]

The third disk of Rose of Versailles, Part 2 is brought to you by the word “clusterfuck.” The slope towards the Revolution has become decidedly slippery. The strongest leadership is on the side of change, and the status quo just crumbles in the face of it. Perhaps, it is hard for us to understand how […]

In Part 2, Disk 2 of Rose of Versailles, the story takes a massive turn. The story had been very strongly focused on Marie Antoinette and the effect her choices have made in the life of Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes. In this disk, Oscar comes to two extremely important decisions about herself. First, she sees Fersen and […]

Part 2, Disk 1 of Rose of Versailles begins with an extremely low point, from which everything will flow downhill until the very end. We are launched into the Affair of the Diamond Necklace which contributed strongly to the already bad feelings both the people and the nobility had for the Royal Family. Jean Valois, her […]

The final disk of part 1 of  Rose of Versailles is SO. FULL. OF. MELODRAMA. The thing about Rose of Versailles is – we know going into it, there really can’t be too many happy endings. If we know anything about the French Revolution, we know that most of the people we are following on the […]

The third disk of part 1 of Ryoko Ikeda’s Rose of Versailles=AAARRRRGHHH. If you had asked me what my impression of the Rose of Versailles anime was before the new release, I would have said that it was “good, but hard to watch.” Disk 3 is a perfect embodiment of why. “The nobles make up […]

The second disk of part 1 of Ryoko Ikeda’s Rose of Versailles, is chock full of court intrigue and setting up the story by introducing many of the players in upcoming episodes. Oscar is now captain of the guard to the impulsive, vain and child-like Marie Antoinette. While she admires her Queen’s faithfulness to her […]

There is no question in my mind when I call Ryoko Ikeda’s Rose of Versailles a classic. Historical drama is always “timeless”, but centuries after the French Revolution and decades after the debut of the anime, we are still compelled by the story of Lady Oscar Franciois de Jarjeyes and her Queen, Marie Antoinette. Now […]