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We have a very exciting Guest Review today! Okazu hero and new Guest Reviewer, Nadia “Atarun” C. has a roundup and mini-review of English-language comics in the GL category on online manhwa platform Lezhin.   Lezhin offers free sample chapters, then readers purchase coins to read further chapters of their favorite comics.  Nadia is a big fan […]

Woo hoo! It’s Guest Review Wednesday and we have a Guest Review! I love that so much. ^_^ Today, I hope you will welcome new Guest Reviewer Michelle Denise N of Lonelypond,and make her feel as welcome as possible.  The floor is yours, Michelle! Sound Euphonium, the animated series, follows the haphazard learning process of […]

Hello and welcome to Guest Review Wednesday! Today we have an extra-special report  by our dear friend and co-conspirator, Bruce P, who ran off to Japan without me. -( Settle for what always promises to be a good time, in the company of a great writer! Take it away Bruce!    On a trip to […]

It’s Guest Review Wednesday and today we have a visit from long-time reader and occasional Guest Reviewer Eric P! Please welcome him as always!      The ambitious Project Itoh trilogy is a trio of anime film adaptations based on the works of award-winning sci-fi author Satoshi Ito, spawned by Noitamina and animated by three […]

It is my very sincere pleasure to welcome a brand new Okazu Guest Reviewer to our ranks today! Happy Guest Review Wednesday and welcome to @NetbrianT, a long time Yuri-fan and all-around hoopy frood.  This seemed like a perfect way to celebrate the opening our our new Yuri Games& Visual Novel page on the Yuricon […]

It’s Guest Review Wednesday here on Okazu! Today we have returning Guest Guest Reviewer, Mariko S, who will be handling a request I get here rather often, a look at the Cross Ange series.   If you know of some media that you consider Yuri or lesbian and want it reviewed, but haven’t seen it here, take a […]

O happy Guest Review Wednesday! Today we have a returning Guest Reviewer and a unique perspective on something that I know of, but have not so much as lifted a single finger to engage in. But, let’s be real….any series with a large cast of girls and a presumptive male audience will be seen as […]

Oh blessed Guest Review Wednesday, how I love you. We welcome back Mariko S with the third of her review series taking a look at Kishi Torajirou’s Otome no Teikoku, Volume 3. (If you’ve just joined us do check her reviewe of Volume 1 and Volume 2!) Mariko is really hitting her stride here, so […]

Hello and welcome to another edition of Guest Review Wednesday here on Okazu. And let me tell you how welcome it is as jet lag and I get to know one another intimately. Today, Guest Reviewer Mariko S returns with another review of Kishi Torajiro’s rom-com (?) series. If you’re just joining us, start here […]

It’s a happy day here at Okazu!! We have a new Guest Reviewer, Mariko S who has bravely decided to wade back into a series I panned back in 2008. Buckle in and get ready for a completely different perspective. Take it away, Mariko! Welcome back to Otome no Teikoku, Volume 1, a world that, […]