Yuri Manga and Anime Fanlisting


Yep…monthly is really pushing my limits. ^_^  But let me tell you, what a problem to have! Ten years ago, I trolled the shelves of used manga stores obsessively, looking for hints of Yuri in this series or that, or an homage anthology that paired up characters in a not-gross way. (Still am appalled at […]

This is such exciting news…I have been invited to be a guest at the Yurithon, Yuri-focused programming track within Montreal’s Otakuthon convention! Please join me (and bunch of Yuricon friends and staffers) for the weekend of August 4-6, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We’ll be doing some panels and who knows what else. I’ve never been […]


Yuri Anime Last week we had a poster, this week we have a bit of news. Takashima Hiromi’s Asagao to Kase-san is getting a short “Animation clip”. Check out the official website, Asagao-Anime for more news on that. Pony Canyon released a promotional video of the effort this week. Also from the website, the  Kase-san manga […]

Thanks to the kindness (and good timing) of Brigid Alverson, the Barnes and Noble blog has an interview with me all about Yuri Manga. The good timing part is really important, because I get to talk at length about some of the great Yuri manga that has recently hit shelves. As you all know, the […]

All you lovely folks who wrote in to tell me that Grand Stage Romance Review, Volume 4 (Kohaku Minami) / グラン・ステージ ロマンスレビュー 第4幕「美波琥珀」was pretty goshdarn Yuri…you were so right! Although I’m always going to be partial to Hiou Akito’s second drama CD, Minami is pretty wonderful in this disk. Minami, you may remember from her […]

Koharu and Mayumi have been friends since high school. And they have a standing “date” on Friday nights. Koharu picks a movie and they watch it. And then they talk about it. Mostly Koharu teases Mayumi for having very little reaction and Mayumi teases Koharu for having a very big reactions. Koharu likes romances and dramas, Mayumi […]

Most of you are probably too young  to remember the television series Bewitched.  It was about a guy, Darrin, who lived a normal, boring salaryman life in the affluent American suburbs. Darrin was so dull and interesting that after a few years, they switched the actor who played him and mostly no one noticed.  The “comedy” […]

Yuri Anime? This week was the “Yuriten” event was held in Tokyo. The event began life as a “Anoko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo” homage event and has become a kind of Yuri manga festival. This year, fans in took notice of a Kase-san series poster which notably listed a director and an art director. […]

Satellite Falling, written by Steve Horton and illustrated by Stephen Thompson felt very much like The Fifth Element, starring a lesbian character, without the kind of satisfying ending that that film provided. We begin by being introduced to Lilly (hah), the only human on a satellite full of aliens, whose job is bounty hunter, or […]

We have a very exciting Guest Review today! Okazu hero and new Guest Reviewer, Nadia “Atarun” C. has a roundup and mini-review of English-language comics in the GL category on online manhwa platform Lezhin.   Lezhin offers free sample chapters, then readers purchase coins to read further chapters of their favorite comics.  Nadia is a big fan […]