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Comic Yuri Hime for July 2016 (コミック百合姫2016年7月号) wasn’t as wretched as the May issue, but the divide between stories I like and the super creepy fanservice that is pretty much indefensibly vile is widening.

Looking at girl’s crotches, even fictitious, drawn, completely not-at -all real ones, when the “plot” literally has to contort itself around that, just to make it constantly possible, is still utterly repulsive to me in every possible way. And, too, I’m finding it harder and harder to tolerate Amano Shuninta’s “Ayame 14,” which might be sincerely meant, but feels just exactly like another way to pander.

“Prince Princess” wraps up with a (if you think about it too hard) bizarre affirmation that girls don’t have to be masculine if they don’t want to. Being girly is A-OK. Since that’s not usually a problem – and, in fact, the opposite is usually the problem –  it kind of fails as an analogy for inclusivity. But it’s a happy ending, so…yay?

Thankfully for me, Takemiya Jin, Ohsawa Yayoi and Kuzushiro all have continuing series. Phew. I long for the covers drawn by Kazuaki, as the entire magazine steadily falls back into the most banal and egregious moe tropes. Okay, pendulum, it’s time to swing back now!


Overall – 6

Thank *heavens* for Ohsawa Yayoi. She’s the only one drawing adults right now and I cling to “2DK, G Pen, Alarm Clock” like a life preserver.

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