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Hi Okazu Readers! I am in desperate need of a Guest Reviewer and I hope one of you can help me.

As you know, I do my best to bare my biases here on Okazu when I have them and explain why I don’t and do like manga when it’s relevant. Every once in a blue moon, I come across a manga or anime that just really makes me unhappy and I can’t find a civil word to say about it.  Last year for instance, the Sakura Trick anime just made me deeply uncomfortable and I didn’t want to have to watch it.

I understand that many of you love Citrus, by Saburouta. So much so, in fact, that it is currently selling as the #1 Romance Manga! Congrats to Seven Seas and Saburouta-sensei on that.


But, you see, I have been reading it since the beginning and..I really don’t like it.

For the several people who are super jazzed about reading a review by me on this series – notice I have never once reviewed it in Japanese. That ought to be a clear indication of my feelings. To be honest, I haven’t even bought the Japanese volumes. I like it that little.

I don’t like either Mei or Yuzu, I don’t find their attraction appealing. It reads like just another incest story to me and I honestly to do do not care if they live happily ever after or get hit by a truck and die. Reading Citrus has, since the day it debuted, made me deeply unhappy. I don’t like reviewing things that make me unhappy. And, I know from experience, many readers get personally offended when I have the nerve to not enjoy something they like.

So…I’m turning to you, my readers. If you have 1) Purchased a copy of Citrus, Volume 1 and 2) enjoyed it, I invite you to be a Guest Reviewer on Okazu. Please read the Okazu Guest Review Guidelines first and follow the instructions there. (You don’t have to convince me that the series is worth reviewing, only that you should be the one to do it!)

And, please, I beg of you, do not comment here attempting to convince that Citrus is awesome. I’m glad for you that you enjoy it, please respect that fact that I have actually been reading it in Comic Yuri Hime and I just don’t like it. Thanks very much.

Thanks to everyone who offers and here’s to a really great Citrus review!


Título: Un Final Infeliz.
Autor/a o Círculo: Niratama.
Clasificación: Soft Yuri.
Género/s: Corrupción.
Serie: Love Live.
Páginas: 14.
Matiz: B/N/G.
Idioma: Castellano.
Peso: 12 MB.
Versión en castellano: Love Makko Suki + Yuri Traducido al Castellano.


Hola gente, por esos avatares del destino finalizamos la traduedición de este cómic antes de lo previsto y acá está… Disfruten los y las que puedan xD.

PD: Por cierto, el cómic de “Precure” ya casi está finalizado en cuanto a traducción y edición así que ese sí que espérenlo para el plazo en el que salió pronosticado.


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