Yuri Manga and Anime Fanlisting

OYTPTGMAYA-e1461416904969Only ☆You~Anata to Watashi no Futari Bocchi Keikaku  (オンリー☆ユー ~あなたと私の二人ぼっち計画~) starts off with a cute-ish premise. What if, the Student Council President decides, girls who are loners are paired up together and this way they won’t be alone?

Okay, this is not the worst premise in the world.

The Student Council has rings made up. Girls inducted into the “Only You” Project are paired off with matched rings. The rings will give them a shock if they get further than 5 meters away from each other and can’t be removed. Oh and they can’t leave the school premises either.

Okay, this is the worst premise in the world.

I mean, in two pages, we go from, kind of sweet, sort of dorky, to coercion and torture and forced confinement? What the…?

From there, the story devolves into mismatched communication styles resolved by screamed confessions and running after one another tearfully.

Of course, friendship is never the point of these pairings. The rings are the dead giveaway. The President isn’t helping girls not be alone, she’s matchmaking.

The couples all get together in the end. I’m sure you’re all as surprised as I was.

mekimeki’s art is competent and moe, as one might expect. The girls are emotionally tortured over things that are never resolved, except that now that they have someone who loves them, it’s all okay. As one might expect.


Art – 7
Story – 5 Predictable, sometimes getting a little too close to creepy
Characters – I remember one character’s name. Of about 8 characters
Service – 3 Not nearly as bad as I feared
Yuri – 2 Yes, but no

Overall – 5

If the lesson “being with someone, no matter how incompatible, is better than being alone,” resonates with you, this book is definitely your jam.

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Buenas estoy de regreso >w<, hace unas semanas me dió por ponerme un poco al día material nuevo yuri, me encontre un one-shot yuri llamado “Novio” que me llamo la atención así que se me antojo editarlo, soy consciente que tendría que seguir editando material retrasado pero caí en la tentación e_e llevo editándolo desde que comenzó la semana.
He mirado por todas partes y no estaba traducido por nadie antes en todo el mundo google (espero que sea así y no llevarme un chascazo). Aunque la edición era bastante fácil, la traducción se me atraganto en algunas partes ya que no tenía ni pies ni cabeza. Y bueno aquí les dejo el one-shot, que lo disfruten )
Risa es una chica que no puede vivir sin un novio pero está en una preparatoria
femenina, así que convence a su compañera de clase Yuuko-chan para que se
convierta en su “novio”.

Hasta Pronto,

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It is with great pleasure that I thank Tachibana Remi-san for sponsoring today’s review! Remi-san was kind enough to give me the DVD of Sailor Moon Musical – Un Noveau Voyage (ミュージカル「美少女戦士セーラームーン」-Un Nouveau Voyage-) so I can tell you all about it! Thank you Remi-san! Right off the bat, this is pretty much the best […]

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