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lw2ka-e1473513277949In Volume 1 of Katakura Ako’s Last Waltz, we met Shinobu, a “fixer” of a sort, for her high school’s Student Council President. She’s good at hand-to-hand fighting and, apparently, excellent in bed, leaving a trail of broken hearts and jealous lovers.

Volume 2 of Last Waltz (ラストワルツ ) brings two of her lovers, Yukari, a teacher, and Maria, a pop idol, into direct competition for her attention. Unfortunately for them, Shinobu declines to pick sides. In time honored fashion, they bond over Shinobu’s foibles.

More concerning, is someone is recruiting the girls from the school to a underworld life through a cafe waitress job. Shinobu racks up another conquest as she takes down the corrupt cafe owner.

And, finally, she learns the identity of the photographer who has been plaguing her. She’s captured by him, but manages (tied up as she is) to take him down and grab his camera. Will this stop the harassment? We’ll have to tune in to find out! 

As I was reading this volume I had a sudden thought. If Shinobu was a male character, I probably wouldn’t give this series the time of day – but, even as ridiculous as it is, I don’t hate it. Shinobu herself has little personality, so you get to create the Shinobu you want as the story plods along. In my mind, Shinobu is a cold, calculating mercenary, with a mild lust for the President. ^_^


Art – 6
Story – 5
Characters – 5
Yuri – 8
Service – 8

Overall – 5

It makes amusing before-bed reading, so I’ll probably go ahead and get Volume 3 when it comes out. ^_^ Shinobu sleeps with a lot of girls, that’s the best recommendation I can make for this book.


It’s here, it’s queer and it’s a must-have this holiday season! Absolute Power: Tales of Queer Villainy, is available for pre-order at a discount and if you are or know someone who will love amazing LGBTQ fiction, grab this book. Heck, buy a baker’s dozen! It’s especially good for the late teen evil psycho lesbian […]


Anime News It’s an all-anime edition of YNN! We’ve reported before that Card Captor Sakura, which has a new manga series, is getting an anime. The Clear Card arc, in which Sakura, Li and Tomoyo are now in middle school together, will debut on Japanese TV in 2018. Anime Now has a nice write up […]

Una vez finalizada la Fase preliminar de la elección a Reina del Yuri 2016 (llevada a cabo durante los pasados meses de Octubre y Noviembre), damos paso a la fase definitiva del proceso que llevará a una nueva Reina al trono a la conclusión de este año. Aquí dejo un resumen de cómo fue la […]

It’s Guest Review Wednesday and today we have a visit from long-time reader and occasional Guest Reviewer Eric P! Please welcome him as always!      The ambitious Project Itoh trilogy is a trio of anime film adaptations based on the works of award-winning sci-fi author Satoshi Ito, spawned by Noitamina and animated by three […]

Canno’s popular series, Anoko ni Kiss to Shirayuri wo, has made it to 5 volumes on the all-Yuri school formula.  It’s basically a Yuri trope du jour series, in a fantasy school, where adults are a vague concept and while boys are not unheard of, they are unseen.  In Volume 5, we first run into Itou […]

When I visited Paris this past summer, I found myself staying, almost miraculously, in the middle of Geek Central, surrounded by comic and figurine and bande dessinée stores galore. It was not intentional, but it was fortuitous. ^_^ During one afternoon off, my wife and wandered the area and threw some Euro at the French […]

At last.  We arrive at the final chapters of the long, dark travels of the female bodyguard Balsa and her ward, young Prince Chagum. It’s been about 9 years or so, since I first encountered the anime Seirei no Moribito (released as Moribito in America by Media Blasters and recently re-released on DVD and Blu-Ray […]

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Yuri Manga From Dengeki Comics comes Eclair – Anata ni Hibiku Yuri Anthology (エクレア あなたに響く百合アンソロジー), a Yagate Kimi ni Naru (Bloom into You) anthology, with works by Hirao Auri, Kitao Taki, Kanno, Mekimeki  and other Yuri creators. NTR: Netsuzou Trap and Citrus creators Kodama Naoko and Saburouta have a round table discussion about their works and Yuri generally, […]

Lesson learned. When one has a week-long migraine, one should not listen to Toyoguchi Megumi yelling at one for 40 minutes.  Learned, because that is the bulk of the content of Grand Stage Romance Review 2, Subaru Ryoya (vラン・ステージ ロマンスレビュー 第2幕「昴涼夜」) – Ryoya yelling at you. ^_^; You may recall from Ryoya’s original Grand Stage Drama CD, […]

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